Scholarships funded by our community reward and assist deserving first and second year students.

With your help, we can grow our scholarship fund. You can ensure our existing scholarships keep pace with inflation and enable us to offer more. 

BM's Discretionary Fund

This fund enables BM to help a student in need: unable to afford an essential piece of equipment for study, or the cost of travel to take part in a competition, or for an emergency trip home.  A substantial gift could allow a student to stay on for a second year. 

You, the donor, may have a personal connection with the student, if appropriate, and you and the student both agree to the arrangement.

How to give

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship programme please click the button below.

2019 Scholarship Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners

Fresher Scholarships

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Returner Scholarships

Returner Academic Scholarships and Leadership Awards

The following scholarships are available for UC students in their second year at College House:

  • Lyall Holmes Memorial Scholarship, for a student enrolled in an engineering course at UC.

  • Buller & Reay Scholarship, for students enrolled in any course at UC, but usually awarded to arts, and visual and performing arts students.

  • Rowley Scholarship, for a student enrolled in any course at UC, but usually awarded to science and commerce students.

  • Mary Olif Davey Scholarship, for students studying zoology, botany, biology, chemistry or biochemistry.

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of first year examination results and so a copy of your results must accompany your application. As a guide, in previous years successful students have had an A+/A average.

These scholarships are fee rebates and are not awarded as cash amounts. Applications must be received by end of January. 

Special Memorial Scholarships

Two memorial scholarships are offered for returner students:

  • George T Weston Scholarship: A one-off award to a maximum of $2,000. This scholarship is awarded to a returner member of the House who is regarded as a valuable contributor and someone whom College House wishes to acknowledge for the contribution that they will make for the benefit of others during the year ahead. Awarded at the discretion of the Principal at the end of Semester One.

  • Crowley Weston Scholarship: Open to returner students who are studying for a law degree. This scholarship is awarded to a maximum of $4,000 to the highest achieving law student in their first year, end of year exam results. Applications close at the end January in the year applying. Awarded in March.

Other Special Awards

  • College House Students’ Association (CHSA): CHSA members are selected in September/October of each year to take office the following year. Each CHSA member is awarded $1,500; $750 of this award is a fee rebate from the 2nd fee installment and $750 is a cash award. This is awarded in November.

  • Room 16s: Room 16s are selected by consultation with the House Council (incoming and outgoing), current Room 16s, tutors and senior staff. Each Room 16 is awarded $1,500; $750 of this award is a fee rebate from the 2nd fee installment and $750 is a cash award. This is awarded to the students in November.

  • Mclaren East Scholarships: Recipients are the House Photographer, House Videographer, House Audio/Visual person and House Magazine Editor/s. Awards are presented at Formal Dining in late September/early October each year.

In any year, the College House Board of Governors may supplement the number of awards in certain subject areas where there is a number of high achievers.

For more information on these scholarships and how to apply, please email the office.


Congratulations to our winners for 2019!

Crowley Weston Scholarship 2019
Rebecca Storer

Mary Oliff Davy Scholarship 2019
Kyle Edge

College House First Year Scholarships 2019
Isaac Munro, Emily Kneale, George Murray

Lyall Holmes Memorial Scholarship 2019
Ben McCay

Buller & Reay Scholarship 2019
Anna Bruce

Rowley Scholarship 2019
Cameron Stevenson