The Chapel of the Upper Room Campaign

Wilkie+Bruce design of the Chapel of the Upper Room restoration.

The essence of College House is our community where leadership is fostered and values of excellence, respect and service are nurtured, received and passed on.

Our vision is to provide for students an environment where each can excel to highest levels. Sir Miles Warren understood the value of his buildings to our students and community, and designed the campus and beautifully detailed spaces to support students’ academic, personal and community needs. Not surprisingly, generation after generation professes a deep connection with their home away from home.

Following the February 2011 earthquake the doors of our Chapel have remained closed. Fenced off to our students and community; it is a much missed element in house life. It is here our students can reflect deeply about their place in the world and discover the meaning they want their lives to have. Respected research shows the influence of a sacred place results in heightened academic performance and enhanced personal growth. The students, themselves, cite as a priority the need to restore the campus “lynchpin” – the Chapel of the Upper Room.”

The estimated cost to restore our Chapel is $4,677,000. We are fortunate to have received contributions from insurance, the College House Board of Governors, a Lotto New Zealand Lotteries grant and gifts from two major benefactors. We must now raise $2,300,000 to complete the project and restore what is arguably the “jewel in the crown” of our College House campus.

To learn more about our Chapel of the Upper Room and how you can make a difference, please contact our Director of Development, Erin Reeve.

‘Come then, you old members of the House, whoever sees these words, and send in your splendid shilling.’

Principal Dean CW Carrington, 1913