The College House Student’s Association (CHSA) represents our students and organises a wide variety of events and activities in the college. An annually-elected House Council (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chairperson, Sports Representative, Cultural officer and Chief Castigator and Crime Crusher) manages the affairs of the CHSA, It organises sports contests throughout the year, cultural events, parties, an annual ball, feast dinners, quizzes, drama and other competitions.

We are delighted to present our 2019 CHSA below.

Freddie Beaumont.jpg

Name: Freddie Beaumont

Hometown: Wellington

Previous School: Scots College

CHSA Portfolio: President CHSA.

The role involves liaison between students, the Board and staff to ensure that decisions reflect what the student body wants. Additionally the CHSA organises many social, cultural and sports events throughout the year.

Why I came to College House: I came to College House because it combines academic success with an epic social atmosphere. The facilities and grounds were also a standout feature compared to other halls.

The best thing about College House: The hall brings awesome people together from all over the country. It’s this mix of great people, combined with a culture of success and an incredible social life that makes College House such an awesome place to be a student.


Name: Zach Preston

Hometown: Auckland

Previous School: ACG Parnell College

CHSA portfolio: As Vice President, my role includes designing College House apparel, communication with our leaver community, and the planning of several College events like Fresher BBQs, Fireside Chats and alumni-flat events.

Why you came to College House: With so many incredible stories I heard from my friends (and even from their parents) from their time at College House, I had to find out for myself!

The best thing about College House: College House because it so much more than just a University Hall. With up to a third of students at College House being second-year returners, we have an incredible student-led culture that has thrived, evolved and has been passed down from one generation of students to the next for over 150 years!


Name: Asher Hermann

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Previous School: Winston Churchill High School

CHSA portfolio: This year I am the CHSA secretary. This means I am in charge of writing and distributing the minutes for our weekly meetings, planning the feast dinners throughout the year, running our OGMs, and maintaining the general organisation of the council and CHSA. 

Why you came to College House: I decided in my senior year of high school to move to New Zealand to attend university and was definitely interested in going to a hall. I had family who came through College and assured me that it was super fun and a great way to make genuine friends and unique memories. It was honestly luck that I ended up here, but I'm so glad that I did. 

The best thing about College House: The community and the commitment to fun and traditions.

Callum Shrimpton.jpg

Name: Callum Shrimpton

Hometown: Timaru

Previous School: Timaru Boys High School

CHSA Portfolio: Treasurer

I am in charge of the running of the College House Students Association financial affairs. It is my job to budget for the year ahead and provide payment for any events run by the CHSA

Why I came to College House: The reason I came to College House was that my Dad went here and growing up hearing stories of his time here had always led me to want to experience it also. 

The best thing about College House: The thing I enjoy most about College House is all the academic support you get. College really wants you to succeed and they strive hard to ensure that you have every available opportunity to do so. College is a place for everyone and the friends you make here and the academic success it upholds will set you on a path for life



Name: Georgia Dibble

Hometown: Auckland 

Previous School: Kristin School 

CHSA portfolio: My role in the CHSA is social representative. This involves organising all of the hall’s major social events such as term parties and the ball. 

Why you came to College House: I decided to go to College House simply because of the atmosphere it exhibited. It seemed to be a place that could feel like a second home whilst also having all of the perks such as meals cooked for you, academic tutorials, as well as an array of modern facilities. 

The best thing about College House: My favourite part of College House is how it strikes a balance between encouraging academic success whilst also having a busy social calendar. It has definitely aided in giving a well-rounded university experience. 


Name: Rebecca Adams

Hometown: Wairio, a small town in the deep dark south, in Western Southland 

Previous School: Southland Girls High School & Central Southland College 

CHSA portfolio: I am the Sports Representative for 2019. My jobs involves everything you can think of that involves sport. I organise all the weekly sports teams, the Winter Sports competition teams, the Interhall sports competitions, the various sporting events that happen within College House - from sports on the first week, to Golf classic and everything in between, and the most exciting part, organising the Selwyn sports exchange. As well as getting to plays sports, there is of course a lot of background admin that happens on a weekly basis. 

Why you came to College House: UC was definitely the uni I was going to, so picking a hall was all I had to do. After looking around them all it was obvious to me straight away that College House was where I wanted to go. It has all the things to offer – sports, cultural, academic support, and just seemed like an awesome living environment and something I wanted to be a part of. 

The best thing about College House: Honestly, it is hard to pick one thing. College House is such an awesome place to be a part of, and to live, and I guess that’s why I returned. Probably my favourite thing would have to be the friendships, people, and the community we have here. Everyone knows everyone, you can talk to anyone you see, and you always feel welcome and like it’s your home.


Name: Chris Nye

Hometown: Christchurch 

Previous School: Christ’s College 

CHSA portfolio: As this years Cultural Chair my role includes running cultural nights, our two choirs, band and cultural events. 

Why you came to College House: I came to College House as I saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people while at University. I was also drawn in due to it's rich history in the Christchurch region and the tight knit community it is known for.

The best thing about College House: Personally I enjoy the great conversations you have in the dining hall. Gaining new friends as well as insights into a diverse range of opinions from all over the country and the world. From discussions on current affairs to just yarning with friends there is never a dull conversation to be had.


Name: Anna Bruce

Hometown: Christchurch 

Previous School: Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

CHSA portfolio: CCACC - my job is to organise old traditions such as initiations and to keep an eye on any ‘rule breaking’!

Why you came to College House: I came to College House because I saw my sister enjoy so many traditions here and find an expansive and close group of friends.

The best thing about College House: The best thing about College House is the communal aspect, as everyone knows everyone, so there is never a chance of being left out.