In 1981 it was proposed by past houseman and Board Fellow Alex Baird, that part of College House’s income each year should be spent on buying contemporary works of art to expose students to the type of art they may not see in their own homes; the type of art that would be challenging and would invoke debate, discussion or reflection.

A sub-committee, led by Alex Baird, set about building up the collection over the next 22 years which todays comprises one of leading private collections of contempory art in New Zealand. There are now more than 100 works and the artists include Shane Cotton, Gary Collins, Tony de Latour, Seraphine Pick and Bill Hammond amongst others.

Alex Baird died suddenly in 2003 and the collection is now known as the ‘Alex Baird Collection of Contemporary Art’ in his memory. 


We are extremely proud of our art collection and welcome the opportunity to show this off to members of the public. Please book a tour though our Development Office on 03 364 2245 or