Sir Miles Warren cuts the ribbon to reopen Christchurch Town Hall


The Town Hall reopened at the weekend following its $167m restoration.

The weekend’s open days gave people the opportunity to visit several areas of the complex with the complete restoration achieved by August this year. The first concert in the main auditorium is planned for 1st March.

Originally opened in 1972, the Warren and Mahoney designed building employed the brutalist style of architecture current at the time. The 2,500 seat auditorium with its pioneering acoustics made it one of the top concert halls in the country. It was touch and go as to whether the building would be repaired due to major damage sustained following the earthquakes. But pressure from the public to retain one of New Zealand’s top concert halls persuaded the council to commit to its rebuild.

Sadly Maurice Mahoney passed away before completion of the repairs. But Sir Miles Warren was assisted at the ribbon cutting by two of Maurice's great-grandchildren, Gus and Connor Jensen, Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Sir Harold Marshall who designed the acoustics.