The essence of College House is its strong community spirit, love of learning and making great friendships.

Whilst you reside at College House, we want to ensure that most students get through their time without any serious problems but it would be unusual for there to be no moments of anxiety or concern.  There are three levels of pastoral care at College House and these begin with your Room 16 who is a responsible and approachable peer who will support you to solve problems and seek help if you need it. You can also talk to one of the five residential tutors who are older students and willing to help. BM’s door is also open and she is there to talk about big and small problems.

The most important thing is to talk to someone if you need to.

Sometimes, however, students will wish to turn elsewhere for help with problems which might be health-related, family-related, personal, emotional, or financial.  College House can provide support at a variety of levels for students who wish to discuss problems.

As regards health matters, students are encouraged to register with the University Doctors, though they may register with any practitioner of their choice.  

Our dining hall is very happy to discuss individual dietary requirements with you and we cater for all needs. Your health is important to us!