Fees schedule 2019

The 2019 Boarding Fee is $19,980.00 (including GST and subject to change).

The boarding fee is payable in three instalments:

1st Instalment:
17 January 2020 - $7992.00

2nd Instalment:
1 May 2020 - $7992.00

3rd Instalment:
28 August 2020 - $3996.00

Upon acceptance of an offer of a place, an application fee of $935.00 is payable to confirm the place. This comprises of: 

$330.00          Enrolment Fee (an administration charge which is non-refundable). 
$200.00           Enrolment Fee (Returners only due in July/August of Fresher Year)

$330.00         Contingency Deposit (held against any losses or damage incurred).
Top Up            Depending on amount held from fresher year – must be topped to $330.00

$275.00          CH Students Association subscription.
$275.00           Payable Returner Year

  • The contingency deposit and CHSA subscription ($605) is refundable if the student withdraws before the 31 December 2019. 

  • The full application fee ($935) is not refundable if the students withdraws after 31 December 2019.

Almost all facilities at College House are provided free of charge, no charge is made for use of the laundry, academic assistance, work place visits or celebrity or guest speakers who are invited to formal dining. 

College House currently charges $120.00 per annum for a student car park and spaces are limited. Applications are called for in December. 

All late payments incur a penalty. Payments are accepted in cash, cheque, direct credit transfer, eftpos and credit card (3% fee added to credit card payments).


Returner Fees

Boarding Fee Includes:

  • Own single room with king length single bed

  • Three restaurant quality meals a day, including weekends

  • Supper during study and exam weeks

  • Specific dietary requirements met

  • Free WiFi

  • Comprehensive tutoring and academic mentoring programmes

  • Varied fun and social activities

  • One full time and 17 part time pastoral care support staff

  • Personal development and leadership programmes

  • Free laundry facilities

  • Clean bed linen provided weekly

  • Full use of all shared facilities in your house

  • Full use of all other College House facilities

Limited car parking is available on a first-in basis at $120 per year.

Boarding Fee: $19,400

Re-application Fee: $200 (Paid July/August of Fresher year)

CHSA subscription: $275

Contingency/bond topped-up to $330 (depending on amount held over from Fresher year)

Payments Due

12 January 2018
CHSA subscription & contingency/bond top-up
$275 + contingency

 12 January 2018
 Boarding fee first instalment

 4 May 2018
Boarding fee second instalment

 7 September 2018
Boarding fee third instalment

Amounts shown are GST inclusive
$19,675 + contingency

Payments are accepted by cash, cheques, direct credit transfer, Eftpos and credit card. A fee of 3% is added to credit card payments. Late payments incur a penalty.