We welcome all applications to College House.

College House is for enthusiastic and interesting students who intend making the most of their time at UC and who see the value in joining a community committed to excellence. We’re determined to ensure we admit the best students regardless of school background, ethnicity, political or religious views, social class or sexual orientation. We believe in forward thinkers and if that appeals, we invite you to apply.

There are three steps in the process:

1. An application

2. A referee’s report from your school

3. An interview


Applications for places at College House and all UC halls of residence are made through the UC website. You can't apply directly to College House. 

In the section of the form that asks you to nominate a hall of residence, choose College House. You have two choices so be sure to put College House as your first choice to have the best chance of being accepted.

Referee’s report

Fill in your part of the NZCCRF Student Registration for Accomodation. Your school will be asked to provide a confidential referee's report. UC will organise this: when completed it will be sent directly from your school to UC and then on to us.


Before inviting you to join us at College House we would like to get to know you better. We recommend applicants arrange for an interview, however, it is not compulsory - all applicants will get equal consideration.


Interviews for 2020

You can book your interview through the College House office.

If time and/or distance prevent you visiting College House to complete your interview, there are two other options available. Contact the office for further information on the following:

  1. We may consider a Skype interview (but we would much prefer to meet you in person).

  2. Request a personal profile sheet. Complete and return to the office.

Tutor Applications

College House tutors are UC graduate or undergraduate students who live with us, involve themselves in College House life and provide leadership and academic support. Those selected:

  • Live in a self-contained flat, with kitchenette and en-suite

  • Join us for meals in the Dining Hall

  • Are paid for the academic assistance they provide

  • Receive leadership training