Scholarships funded by our community reward and assist deserving first and second year students.

With your help, we can grow our scholarship fund. You can ensure our existing scholarships keep pace with inflation and enable us to offer more scholarships. 

For more information about the scholarships we currently provide to our fresher and returner students, click here...

BM's Discretionary Fund

This fund enables BM to help a student in need: unable to afford an essential piece of equipment for study, or the cost of travel to take part in a competition, or for an emergency trip home.  A substantial gift could allow a student to stay on for a second year. 

You, the donor, may have a personal connection with the student, if appropriate, and you and the student both agree to the arrangement.

How to give

We invite you to make a donation, give a gift in kind, provide sponsorship, or make a bequest.

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