Young voters will have election information literally at their fingertips after the launch of Hannah Duder's mobile app, Candidate, on 20 August. Hannah was a tutor here in 2013.

Earlier this year Hannah won a $10,000 grant from the Handley Foundation as part of The Shoulder Tap national recruitment campaign. (Read more about this here).

Hannah used the grant to develop the Candidate app and worked with the Shoulder Tap community and Derek Handley to establish the Virgin Voter Collective after realising only a third of young people were expected to vote in this year's general election.

"I've been in touch with all major parties to help develop Candidate. They have provided policy topics following a survey I put out to young people to see which topics were important to them. I've had responses from ACT, NZ First, Mana/Internet, National, Labour, Green and the Māori parties," Hannah explains.

Candidate is a web-based app so it can be used on any mobile, computer or tablet with an internet browser.

Hannah says that her aim is to get at least another 18,000 young people to vote otherwise the views of old people will be the ones that will win this election and "that would really suck."

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